Sharing moments and involving people to build a more solid and innovative Network is part of CGM’s mission.

For this reason, events are important occasions and are transversal to all areas of the Consortium; always eagerly awaited by all the people of the CGM Network, they provide opportunities to meet, discuss and build new scenarios for action.

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CGM’s General Assembly

The General Assembly is one of the most eagerly awaited annual appointments by the Network companies to update and discuss social enterprise development and innovation strategies. The two-day meeting consists of plenaries, CGMLab thematic laboratories and workshop where, through the by design methodology, the participants work in an innovative way on the development of supply chains and on the organization of social enterprises, seizing opportunities and foreseeing possible futures.

CGM Convention

The CGM Convention has reached its fourteenth edition in 2019. It has always been an opportunity and a meeting place for the cooperatives and the consortia of the CGM network that are dedicated to the well-being of our communities. Three days of work and networking full of speeches, workshops, and debates. An event where you can meet not only colleagues from around Italy, but also stakeholders and institutions.

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Fuori è Dentro (The Outside is Inside)

Fuori è Dentro is the two-day workshop created by CGM in 2020 and dedicated to teachers, educators, and education professionals. An opportunity to meet educational experiences that offer informal learning methods for children and teenagers in places outside the school, where opportunities to get to know, grow and learn are always enriched by new stimuli.

Social Enterprise Open Camp

The Social Enterprise Open Camp is an international event conceived and organized by CGM and OPES LCEF, dedicated to the world of social and impact entrepreneurship.

An immersive and residential training event featuring a programme full of workshops, case studies from around the world, plenary sessions, and keynote speeches.